A Tug at the Heartstrings

The TAMRA Learning Academy was founded to serve the needs of a special student population in central Texas.  It was born at the crossroads of compassion and necessity.  When asked about TAMRA’s mission in Costa Rica, Instructor and Dyslexia Specialist, Maggie Montgomery, stated that her heart belonged to the students of “Escuela Ostional” and Escuela Marbella” from their very first meeting.  She marveled at the resilience of these students, their eagerness to learn, and the warmth of their spirit and their smiles.

Maggie added that TAMRA Costa Rica was established to address the needs of both the students and their teachers. From improvements in infrastructure to teacher training and enrichment to providing school supplies, TAMRA’s travel teams are driven to improve all facets of educational delivery to these kids that are so grateful for the little they have.

You can help. Every dime donated to TAMRA Costa Rica will be used to improve the educational experiences of these kids.  We invite you to track our progress through this website where you will find financial transparency.  Our motivation and actions are based on one of the most simple of all Christian principles.  The gift of compassionate giving, sometimes motivated by a silent tug at your heartstrings, will enrich your life beyond measure.  We thank you for your consideration.


The mission of the TAMRA Learning Academy is to enrich the lives of our students in a highly structured but nurturing Christian environment that:

  1. Enhances their ability to learn by addressing the social, emotional, and physical aspects of education.
  2. Embraces an educational approach that includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the enforcement of behavioral standards that contribute to a positive learning experience for all students.
  3. Empowers them to realize their full-potential and use their unique gifts in a life of fulfillment.

The vision to develop an environment and program where these kids could thrive and to develop international missions like TAMRA Costa Rica was seen to fruition by founders:

Tresa McNeal, M.D – President, Chief Executive Officer
Anne, Lueck, Ph.D. – Emeritus, Chief Strategy Officer
Mike McNeal, M.D. – Chief Operating Officer
Rosario PG Montgomery, Ph.D. – Director of Schools
Michael (Andy) Montgomery, C.P.A. – Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer